Cotton with Spring Sunlight

How long has it been
since I stopped wearing beige cotton pants...

I think more than that.

Fortunately, the season for new pants is coming!!
Suddenly, I`m thinking of wearing beige dry cotton pants.

I`m wearing trendy high waist
with ribbon belt tapered light cotton pants.

I choose white soft blouse on top.
Both are from NUVOLA this new season.

I choose mu favorite vintage
marine color shoes from KEERA.

Few years ago we called them "mules" but
nowadays they are called slippers.

Be fashionable and comfortable.

I picked a thin and light Spring coat

Tomato color bag and rucola color hair accessory
for dominant colors!

The color of vitamins makes me feel so good!

Trendy thick gabardine cotton baggy pants.

They are my favorite vintage pants
I choose henry neck T for tops.

Satin dot jacket from H. 
makes me feel mature.

I really like jacket style!!

For the accent I choose...
Slippers and nantucket basket!

It's perfect!!


Our new simple beige cotton dress from H.

Purple cabbage color vintage earrings and
my favorite vintage shoes are good combination.

Spring sunshine is so bright and comfortable...

Finally, it's time for Stefy's OOTD!!

She wears NUVOLA with an image of
"Thinking of Spring aperitif"

Casual up style with navy jacket

Border T shirt from Ralph Lauren and
lace skirt from inacottonfield.

IMG_3382Gold initials pendant and Phillip model sneakers.

She mixes femininity and sporty style with
jacket and it is modern.

Casual up style with
cream duster color Spring coat

SC_2She chooses vintage skirt from Fiorcci and
white jute espadrille.

Italian laces are so beautiful.

Our HRM staff are going to coordinate
NUVOLA's jacket and Spring coat on our hrmcloset blog
19th of March and 20th of March.
Please check them out too!


Our HRM Kobe store will turn into a
botanical garden from 24th of March to 28th of March.

gardenFor smile & refresh

We will also have a special guest so please
come and have fun with us!

See you soon and thank you for reading 🙂


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